Battle over “Waters of the US”

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed a definition of waterways of the US which includes many smaller US waterways under its jurisdiction.

Not surprisingly, the EPA’s move has triggered resistance by groups opposed to the broad definition, with farmers leading the charge.

This website’s first article on this topic was dated April 16, 2014, click here.

Now, the latest development involves a case brought before a North Dakota Federal Judge by 12 states’ attorneys general who claimed that the EPA overstepped its powers by including the smaller US waterways in its jurisdiction.

On August 27th, the North Dakota Federal Judge ordered a delay in the EPA’s enforcement of the definition. This ruling was hailed as a major victory stopping the EPA in its tracks. Click here for a Press Release and an article by High Country News.

However, a week later, the same North Dakota Federal Judge revised the order to stop the EPA from enforcing its preferred definition of water of the US only in those 12 states whose states’ attorneys general had participated in the suit. Click here to read that press release.

The battle continues. We’ll keep you informed.