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A Drop in the Bucket

The proposed Federal Budget issued recently includes a provision for roughly $300 million for desalination technology and better water use monitoring.

While these efforts are important and their inclusion in the budget admirable, this is too little to have a practical impact on the US’s water infrastructure need.

Anyone involved in the clean and waste water business recognizes this as window dressing.

Perhaps it will take more than just poisoning the people of Flint Michigan to focus attention on the US’s glaring need for water infrastructure.

Click here for a good summary from the magazine “Fast Company” of the goals of the budget section on water.

Water Infrastructure Funding Bill Now in House-Senate Conference Comm.

Helpful legislation to make low-interest Federal loans available to support large drinking and waste water projects is in a US House-Senate conference committee to iron out differences between the Senate Bill passed last May and the House version past last Fall.

Click here to read the article on the “WaterWorld” website.


US Senate Hearing on Aging Water Infrastructure

The US Senate Water and Power Subcommittee conducted a hearing to address the aging water resource infrastructure in the US.

The archived video feed of the subcommittee hearing is available at the link below starting at roughly 15 minutes into the recording.

Jul 25 2013

WATER AND POWER SUBCOMMITEE HEARING: To address aging water resource infrastructure in the United States

The purpose of this hearing is to receive testimony on the issues associated with aging water resource infrastructure in the United States.