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US Groundwater Levels Declining

MapGrndwtrDeplIt comes as no surprise that a Columbia University study reveals that US groundwater levels are declining.  This trend, which shows no evidence of slowing, presents a substantial opportunity for those who respond with water treatment solutions.


“Groundwater is increasingly relied on as a critical resource for meeting everyday water demands and buffering variability in surface water supply.  Overall, the US is extracting groundwater at unsustainable rates, causing long-term groundwater level declines and loss of groundwater storage.”

2013 Water Technology Update from BlueTech Research

BlueTech Research, the well-regarded water technology team, hosted a webinar on December 12th which provides a good, detailed overview of the current state in several sectors of water technology.

The recording is just over 90 minutes so it is likely most efficient to review the slides (Click Here), to identify the segments of most interest to you.

Then you could go to the webinar recording (Click Here) and skip to the sections of greatest interest.

BlueTech Research’s description with links follows:



Our intelligence service contains various elements to support your business development strategies and technology development. BlueTech® Insight Reports and Webinars identify new areas of market opportunity and growth, the Innovation Tracker and Company Reports help identify and assess innovative new water technologies, and Intelligence Briefings provide market insights and track patenting, licensing, investment and commercial activity.

Future of Desalination?

MiniElectDesalChipResearchers at The University of Texas at Austin and the University of Marburg in Germany have developed a technique for water desalination which requires less energy than current techniques and eliminates the use of a membrane entirely.  While further work is required to achieve the level of desalination required for acceptable drinking water and for scale-up to commercial production volumes, the technique holds promise.

Click here to go to the article describing the technique.